ISO 19011 refers to the standard containing guidance on managing an audit program, the principles of auditing, and the evaluation of individuals responsible for managing the audit programs, that sets forth guidelines for auditing management systems. The audit program consists of the arrangements made to complete all of the individual audits needed to achieve a specific purpose. This course is aimed at enabling learners learn about ISO 19011 audit techniques and best practices. This course provides a complete overview of audit evidence and findings, audit preparation, and pre-audit activities including system standards, protocols, and methodologies. It also provides information on audit scope as presented with reference to physical location, organizational units, and other important considerations. Course Outcome At the end of this course, learners will be able to: 1. Explain fundamental auditing terminologies. 2. Discuss the benefits of ISO 19011 to auditors. 3. Discuss the different types of audit. 4. Describe the attribute of good auditors. 5. Outline general principles of auditing. 6. Describe audit processes. 7. Describe the best practices to reporting audit findings. 8. Outline how follow up of audit findings can be conducted. 9. Outlines the expectations of clients from audits. Who this course is for: 1. Management systems auditors & professionals. 2. ISO consultants. 3. ISO management systems team members and leaders. 4. Business owners and leaders. 5. Operations Managers, Supervisors etc. 6. QA/QC managers 7. Production managers 8. Supervisors 9. Anyone desiring to learn and improve on their knowledge of Management Systems Audit Best Practices. You would be issued a printable digital certificate via mail after completing this course and scoring at least 70% in the assessment. The assessment would be sent to you via mail after completing your study. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE A LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS COURSE ONCE YOU ENROL!

The Course includes

12 Sections

28 Lessons