Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is an essential component of a preventive action program. This FREE online training course will enable you assess and analyse your organization’s risk of failure, determine areas in need of action, and apply mistake-proofing techniques. The course presents a step-by-step method for conducting Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), defining the role, methodologies, and implementation of the FMEAs. At the conclusion of the course, you would understand the benefits and various techniques for conducting FMEA and effectively implement them to prevent failures from occurring. Learners will be able to… 1. Define the properties of FMEA 2. Brainstorm potential failures 3. Assess risk of failure 4. Determine areas that need action 5. Apply FMEA methods 6. Know your role for team participation 7. Describe the purpose of the FMEA process. 8. List at least three benefits of utilizing FMEA. 9. Explain when FMEA should and should not be performed. 10. Define the FMEA terms: failure mode, failure effect, failure cause, severity, occurrence, and detection. 11. Complete a sample Design FMEA. 12. Complete a sample Process FMEA. 13. Write an executive summary for a sample FMEA etc.

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