Food defence and food fraud play an integral part in food safety and the requirements are written into various food safety standards such as IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000. Both terms also called food crime, involves intentional adulteration of food products by persons who want to gain financially or cause intentional harm to consumers. A very effective food fraud mitigation and defense strategy is a key for complying with regulations by regulatory bodies and governmental authorities, and promoting trust in a product and/or brand. This course will provide you with the latest information on food defense guidelines and legal requirements alongside the GFSI standard expectations. In this course, you will learn: • • Fundamentals of food defense and food security management. • Potential people that can cause food sabotage and risks from potential attackers within the food sector. • Types of food sabotage. • Concept of food fraud. • Cost of food sabotage. • Why food defense is so critical to a business practices and reputation. • Areas of Focus in food defense. • Implementation of food defense control measures. • The development and implementation of food fraud mitigation and defense plans. Topics to be covered in this course include the following: • Overview of food defense, including key definitions • PAS 96:2014 requirements of food defense. • Different types of Food Fraud • Hazard (HACCP), vulnerability (VACCP) and threat (TACCP) assessment • Type of threats and hazards. • Mitigation strategies • Developing food fraud mitigation & defense plans • Human factors in food fraud and food defense. • Fraud assessment tools: CARVER + shock and SSAFE Who Should Attend? • All food handlers • Business owners or any person in charge of food premises • QA managers • QC managers • Production managers • Supervisors • HACCP team You would be issued a printable digital certificate via mail after completing this course and scoring at least 70% in the assessment. The assessment would be sent to you via mail after completing your study. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE A LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS COURSE ONCE YOU ENROL!

The Course includes

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21 Lessons