Without adequate and sound measurement systems, knowing what the output of a process really is is hardly possible! A manufacturer might think that they are making good parts based on measurements made without knowing that the parts produced are seriously defective or out-of-tolerance because of the inappropriateness of the measuring device in that they are either inaccurate, out-of-calibration, or unstable. In this detailed course, you will be exposed to many measurement system analysis techniques including how to conduct and analyze GR&R (Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility) Studies. You will understand what it means for a measurement system to be capable, consistent and uniform. You will be able to assess the performance of measurement systems using key standard metrics. You will be able to state the various measurement system standards. You will be able to evaluate a measurement system for an improvement project’s critical-to-quality characteristic. You will learn how Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility (GR&R) studies can be used to quantify the precision of a measurement system, and gain deep understanding of many terminologies associated with measurement systems analysis (MSA) including but not restricted to precision, accuracy, bias, linearity, and stability. You will be able to apply concepts learnt in real-life in terms of seeing how project teams utilize MSA and GR&R to support process improvement initiatives. Course Content 1) Meaning of Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA). 2) Examples and Applications of Measurement Systems. 3) Characteristic Assessment of MSA. 4) Various Terms Used in MSA. 5) Measurement Systems Performance. 6) Measurement Uncertainty. 7) Calibration Systems 8) Measurement System Standards 9) Measurement Systems Traceability Who this course is for: 1) Quality Engineers, Supervisors, Managers and Other Personnel 2) Manufacturing / Production Engineers, Supervisors, Managers and Other Personnel 3) Manufacturing Operations Personnel 4) Business Leaders and Mangers etc.

The Course includes

8 Sections

15 Lessons