Total Quality management entails not only product and service quality but also the means of achieving it. This Total Quality Management (TQM) course teaches core tools and techniques required to develop, implement and maintain excellence in terms of products and service performance and delivering superior value to customers with a focus on consistent productivity improvement and reduced operating costs. The course, which is based on real-world scenarios is designed to help students clearly understand and apply the principles of quality management and Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophies to ensure that all members starting with the top management, strive to achieve continuous improvement of the total organization, in terms of meeting and exceeding customer requirements and international quality standards. Core topics covered in this course include 1. Introduction to quality, Grade & TQM 2. Elements & Models of TQM 3. Quality Assurance and Quality Control 4. Cost of quality 5. TQM tools and techniques 6. Six sigma methodology in TQM 7. Kaizen and the 5S 8. Roles of managers in TQM 9. Roles of customers in TQM What you’ll learn At the end of the course, 1. You will be able to formulate, implement, and maintain error-free performance, deliver superior value to customers in terms of consistent productivity improvements, reduced operating costs, and outstanding products and services. 2. You will have developed the required skills and techniques necessary to develop and continually improve workable quality management systems required to transform your company into a world-class organization. 3. You will have had a clear understanding and be able to apply the fundamental principles of quality management to enhance quality culture in your organization. 4. You will be able to select and develop the appropriate TQM tools to ensure that products, projects and services are delivered to meet and exceed customer requirements and international quality standards. Who this course is for 1. Individuals who want to branch into quality management as a profession with little or no previous knowledge in quality management. 2. Individuals who wish to learn or improve their knowledge and skills in total quality management. 3. Quality assurance and control personnel, coordinators and managers, project team members, engineers, customer service personnel and professionals etc. You would be issued a printable digital certificate via mail after completing this course and scoring at least 70% in the assessment. The assessment would be sent to you via mail after completing your study. NOTE THAT YOU HAVE A LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS COURSE ONCE YOU ENROL!

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