Monitoring multiple compliances at multiple locations, by multiple teams is a very difficult task to manage. Adopting a proactive and system driven approach helps in simplifying the entire process for all stakeholders which include regulatory authorities or auditing bodies, auditors and auditee entities. There are many use cases of this compliance management platform. These include: 1) Customers auditing suppliers 2) Regulatory bodies auditing various entities 3) Corporate offices auditing their subsidiaries and branches. Ensuring one time compliance and periodical compliance from hundreds of units is an impossible task but has been made possible using this software. The software adopts completely paperless and system based approach will eliminate paper movements with history at fingertip with alerts when such compliances are due and overdue. Periodical analysis reports can highlight non complying units or consistently non complying units as input for initiating corrective action. Scroll down to learn more...

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What To Expect

  • Paperless Audit Process

Completely paperless online audit process from audit plan, execution and NC resolution with advanced analytics. 

  • Escalations for CAP and NC

4 level Escalations provided for corrective action plans submissions and NC non resolution with user configurable time provide and email recipients.

  • Audit Time Observations

Any new observations which are not the part of the audit check sheet can be added by auditors and resolution of them can be monitored in the same way of a normal audit check point. 

  • Repetitive Compliances

Some compliances are required to be done on a periodical basis, are easily monitored with our framework. 

  • Non Conformities Management

Monitor NC resolution and highlight repetitive non conformities for ensuring defined system and process conformance.

  • Submission of Evidence of Action Taken

Auditee can be upload documents for each NC resolved and is available for assessment of auditors. These documents can be in formats PDF, DOC, EXCEL, PPT or JPG. 

  • Alerts for Audit and Compliances

Remind units in advance for compliance due and alert when they become overdue. This alert time frame can be configured. 

  • Configurable Audit Plan

You can define the plan for next audit based on scores obtained in the previous audit with a simple configuration process.

  • Assessment of NC Resolution

Auditors can assess the action taken by auditee & evidence submitted and either accept or decline the action taken. If declined, then NC remains open.

  • One Time Compliance

One time compliance are required when an association is established and for initiating continuance of business process. 

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