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A dream, a goal and an endeavor, is merely one, an illusion of the mind, if it is not DEVELOPED, RE-ASSESSED, EXECUTED, does not make you feel a sense of ACHIEVEMENT and cannot be MAINTAINED or managed. The following are the life-cycle of a viable dream, organizationally and/or personally.

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1. Development Stage

The very first stage of every achievable endeavor is to carefully develop such an endeavor from the scratch. Questions such as how, why, where and what is needed in the actualization of the endeavor must be asked. This could otherwise be called an incubation stage.

2. Re-assessment Stage

Proper assessment and re-assessment is needed to check the reality of the endeavor or goal. Is the endeavor really achievable? What impact will it create? Will it drive the individual or organization to where it needs to be?

3. Execution Stage

Many people are good at initiating viable ideas, but sad to say, only few follow up and implement their ideas because of lack of courage. Many great ideas are lost at the incubation stage because of lack of courage to try. What a sad reality! For a goal to yield the desire results, it has to be executed.

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4. Achievement Stage

How will the goal, endeavor or task make you feel? One key result of a dream realized is a sense of achievement! At the end of the execution of your goals, endeavors or tasks, you are supposed to feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose realized.

5. Maintenance Stage

Once your goal is realized, you are left with two choices; either to maintain it or set another goal, to dream again and again. The choice is yours!

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