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Risks, although not inherently bad but represents uncertainty, and if you’re managing an organization or project, having a clear understanding of potential risks can help you move forward and make timely decisions with confidence. Scroll down to learn more....

  • Date: 11/30/2023 08:00 AM
  • Location To Be Announced


Risks management is the process of identifying risks, analyzing them to assess their likelihood and potential impact on a program, and developing and implementing methods for responding to each risk.

This course will help you identify business risk and improve your skills in managing them. Risk management is essential for the success of every business as it helps identify, assess, and manage financial problems under any condition. The course exposes you to the reason why there is a need for risk management tools as well as the main steps of risk management that every business professional needs to know.

Who this course is for

  1. Project team members, coordinators, supervisors and managers.
  2. Quality management students and professionals.
  3. Business leaders and managers, line supervisors/managers, customer service personnel and managers.
  4. Engineers, manufacturing and production officers, technicians and technologists.
  5. Individuals who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of risk management.

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