Fumigation & Pest Control

We offer high quality pest control services to our valuable clients and we deliver only commercial and industrial services. With us, safety is the number one priority; we make your fumigation safe and fully compliant with all regulations.

The foundation of our services lies in our knowledge of the science pertinent to the industry: a recognition of the pests to be controlled, an understanding of their environments and habits, a knowledge of the tools and techniques used in pest management and the ability to choose proper and safe methods of pesticides application. We combined technical competence and a sense of service with awareness of the need for high ethical standards and safety of human and environment.

We adopt integrated pest management (IPM), which involves integrating both preventive and corrective measures to keep the pests out of your facilities with minimum risk of hazardous material to the staff, guests, customers and the environment. The IPM program is an effective, practical, cost effective and environmentally-friendly approach to pest control. The program consists of the following six major steps:

  • Communication with customers and staff
  • Inspection of facilities
  • Identification of pests, risks and damage extent
  • Application of pest management procedures (sanitation, pesticides, trapping and rodent proofing)
  • Evaluation of effectiveness through follow-up inspections
  • Sanitation recommendations and monitoring