Health & Safety (HSE) Management

We at Olanab have rich experience in providing Process Safety Consultancy which requires a wide range of specialized skills and competencies. We provide the expertise necessary to set up and maintain your Safety Management System at minimum cost compared to a full-time employed specialist. 

We provide the expertise necessary to set up and maintain your Safety Management System programs at minimum cost. Our HSE services can be built around your precise business needs by adding to your capabilities or supporting you on a short, medium or long-term basis through our partnership programs.

Our areas of operation covers:

  • Safety review
  • Incident investigation & root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Process hazard analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, What-if?, FMEA, Fault / Event Tree Analysis)
  • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • Consequence analysis through dispersion, fire and explosion modelling
  • Quantitative risk assessment (QRA)
  • Project process safety support
  • Facility siting analysis
  • Security vulnerability assessments
  • Human factors engineering
  • Management of change systems
  • Mechanical integrity reviews
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Emergency response plans
  • Compliance audits and training
  • Contractor audits
  • Management review
  • Training courses

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Our Approach includes the following:

  • Assessments

We better understand your unique challenges by asking the right questions and listening to your facility’s process safety stakeholders.

  • Discovery Sessions

Acquire the critical insights necessary to develop the right solution required in addressing your safety challenges.

  • Recommendations

Provide practical, novel and cost-effective solutions to your safety challenges aligned to industry best practices.

  • Pilot Studies

Implement recommendations on a small scale to enhance success factors prior to full scale implementation.

  • Audits

Critically review your processes, documentation, design basis, etc. to ensure compliance to standards and best practices.

  • Benchmarking

Assess your practices against industry standards and best practices to identify opportunities for improvement.

We also supply high quality safety equipment, PPEs and gadgets that meets your needs.

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