Product Development

Our product development portfolio covers the process of designing, building, operating, maintaining and bringing new products to the market. We assist organizations manage their entire product life cycle.

We ensure that the customer’s voice is not lost in the rush to an exciting technology, putting into consideration factors like pricing, marketing, and customer support to create a complete product.

We help you understand your product at its core. With technical and methodological expertise, we help minimize the costs of production and recipes, manufacturing your product to co-created specifications with cost effectiveness, reliability, and user experience at top of the mind.

Design and development / new product introduction

We assist in the management of new products including assessing and managing processes and evaluating product lines and their efficiency as it moves towards their final stages and broader distribution.

We help organizations streamline new product launches, thereby enabling concurrent planning and product development, reducing time-to-manufacture and improving efficiency. This we do by ensuring that

  • Ensuring that vendors provide the resources to support product development projects
  • Interfacing with vendors on production readiness and fulfillment
  • Handling packaging instructions and artwork
  • Production monitoring of engineering build
  • Testing against regulatory requirements
  • Verifying reliability
  • Designing change management

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