Third Party Factory and Supplier Audits

Building a vendor base of partners/suppliers in today’s highly competitive market that will meet all aspects of your production needs, from design and quality, to product delivery requirements is very important. Comprehensive evaluation through factory and supplier audits are a vital component of the evaluation process.

We at Olanab Consults put into consideration factors such as the supplier facilities, policies, procedures and records that verify the factory’s ability to deliver consistent quality products over time, rather than at one given time or only for certain products.

The scope of our activities include:

  • Manufacturer’s background
  • Manpower
  • Production capability
  • Machine, facilities & equipment
  • Manufacturing process & production line
  • In-house quality system such as testing & inspection
  • Management system & capability
  • Environment

We conduct an objective evaluation of supplier and factory audits to ensure that they are working to our client’s specifications thereby enabling them to indicate which suppliers align with the quality needed from the organization to allow for a smooth supply chain and manufacturing process.

At the end of the audits, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of the condition, strengths and weaknesses of your supplier, also help in understanding areas requiring improvement to better meet the buyer’s needs.

As you select new suppliers, reduce the number of your vendors to more manageable levels and improve overall performance, our services provide an effective way to enhance that process at a reduced cost.

Professional and Experienced Auditors

Our auditors receive comprehensive training on auditing techniques, quality practices, report writing, and integrity and ethics on a continuous basis in order to keep skills current to changing industry standards.

Strong Integrity & Ethics Program

With an industry recognized reputation for strict ethical standards, we maintain an active integrity program managed by a dedicated integrity compliance team which helps to minimize the risk of corruption and educate auditors, factories and clients regarding our integrity policies, practices and expectations.

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