Having a business is good but its one thing to build a business, it's quite another thing to ensure the continuity of a business or organizations in the face of unplanned negative emergencies such as theft, fire outbreak, natural disasters, workplace violence, utility failures, cyber-attacks, supply shortages, economic downturns etc. What will happen to your business? Will it be able to survive or recover? Scroll down for more details...

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Business continuity refers to the ability of an organization to continue the delivery of its products or services, at acceptable predefined levels, after a disruptive and/or unfavorable incident/event. 

The BCP is a requirement for a startup business as well as existing organizations. It enables clients or customers and stakeholders develop strong sense of trust in the business and/or organization, knowing that their investment or transaction of any kind would be sustained following an unforeseen unfavorable circumstance.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a business document that outlines how a business will continue its critical functions during and after an emergency event or disruption in business. These events include natural disasters, workplace violence, utility failures, cyber-attacks, supply shortages, economic downturns, or any other one that could result in the disruption of business processes.

This Business Continuity Plan (BCP) toolkit which is designed to help the business recover after after an unfavorable event has occurred, consists of the following editable templates:

  • Action Plan Template for Business partners
  • Action Plan Template for Critical Suppliers
  • Action Plan Template for Key Customers
  • Action Plan Template for Maintaining Essential Service
  • Business Continuity Plan Checklist
  • Essential Functions and Services by Level of Importance
  • Essential Services Ranking
  • List of Questions and Initiatives for Action Planning for  Essential Services
  • Planning Team for Business Continuity in an Emergency
  • Risk Assessment
  • Strategic plan


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