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  • Do you use calipers for measurement?
  • Do you calibrate these calipers?
  • Do you need a procedure that covers the calibration of the calipers?

If you're an ISO facility and you measure features with calipers, you will need a procedure that details your methods for the calibration of those calipers.

Auditors who review your calibration system will audit your calibration procedures. This procedure has been subjected to many ISO audits and all auditors have found it acceptable. By following this procedure, it ensures you calibrate your calipers correctly.

To use the template, you will only need to edit it with your company's info. The procedure includes

  1. Environmental controls
  2. Equipment use
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Parallelism
  5. Wear
  6. Zero Repeatability
  7. Accuracy
  8. Out of Tolerance Reaction Plan

In addition, a blank caliper calibration record is included. This record matches the procedure. During calibration, just fill in the blanks. If you're not sure how to fill in the caliper calibration record, an example of a completed record is included.

It meets ISO 9001 requirements.

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