ISO 45001 is go-to standard for organizations that are serious about improving safety of employee, reduction of workplace risks and creation of a better, safer working conditions. International Labour Organization estimated that more than 7 600 people die from work-related accidents or diseases every new day. This standard was developed by ISO committee the aim of potentially saving almost three million lives each year. Having similar structure with other ISO management systems, the approach will be familiar to users of standards such as ISO 14001 or ISO 9001. Scroll down for more details...

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Implementing occupational health & safety management system (OH&SMS), offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction of occupational incidents
  • Improved company’s reputation
  • Improves marketing and public image
  • Acts as a fundamental requirement for government tenders
  • Improves regulatory performance
  • Lower risk of non-compliance fines thereby saving cost for the company
  • Employee motivation
  • Waste reduction resulting from manhour loss
  • Attracts more stakeholders (customers, investors, shareholders)
  • Increased profits from lower costs

This toolkit would be of great benefit to industries and industrial professionals looking to implement ISO 45001 standard. It contains audit templates, manuals, guide and all other resources required to implement, manage and maintain Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OH&SMS) according to the ISO 45001 standard. 

The toolkit also covers the management system auditing guidelines as per the ISO 19011 standard helpful in looking after the OH&SMS within an organization.

ISO experts, certified internal & lead auditors with working knowledge and many years of experience in management systems implementation developed all the materials in this kit. 

The kit consist of 100% compliant detailed and practicable “hands-on” implementation documents including internal audit checklists, manuals, records, forms, implementation guides (ebooks) and many more. You only need to edit and customize them to match your company's terms and processes.

Using this kit saves you extensive time in the development of compliant systems documentation! With this kit, you can easily save huge cost of contracting a consultant to develop these required documents for you!

The contents of the toolkit are presented in word, pdf, excel and/or PowerPoint formats where applicable.

Among the editable resources, which can be customized and/or modified to meet a specific need contained in this toolkit includes:

  • Complete Study Guide on Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS) – eBook
  • Sets of Audit Checklist Formats
  • HSE Records 
  • ISO 45001 Standard
  • Internal Audit, Nonconformity & Resolution Report Template
  • Action Plan Template
  • Standard Operating Procedures  (SOPs) for:
    • Change Management
    • Communication Plan 
    • Control of Documented Information
    • Incident Management & Crisis Resolution 
    • Internal Audit 
    • Monitoring & Measuring SOP
    • Use of Sharps
    • SOP Templates of Different Designs
  • Auditing Cycle Flowchart
  • Risk Assessment Template
  • Document Control Master List
  • Clause-by-clause explanation of ISO 45001:2018, providing guidelines on how to meet each requirement.
    • Easy to understand explanations of each main clause (1-10) of the standard
    • Helpful links to other materials that will give you even more detail for each clause
    • Details about the key processes of the Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Compulsory Documentation Required by ISO 45001 outlining the following:
    • Which ISO 45001 clause each mandatory document refers to
    • Which non-mandatory documents are commonly used
    • How to structure documents and records
    • Where to find sample documents
  • Diagram of ISO 45001 Implementation Process outlining the steps required to implement ISO 45001 showing the process at a glance, allowing easy tracking of every stage, including:
    • Establishing the project
    • Identifying OH&SMS hazards, risks, and opportunities
    • Operating the OH&SMS
    • Conducting internal audits
    • Certification procedure
  • Instrument Calibration Documents
  • Raw & Packaging Material Handling Procedure
  • Cleaning Plan
  • Aspect & Impact Form
  • Staff Performance Appraisal
  • Waste Management Procedure & Checklists
  • Employee Skills Matrix
  • Employee Training & Competence Record
  • Training Plan
  • Attendance Record

Consultants, Auditors (experienced and starters) and individuals who help or are interested in helping organizations implement this standard will definitely find this toolkit a valuable one.

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