Daily compliance improves and keeps working environment healthy, creates proactive approach in adherence guidelines, prevent wrong process operations and helps in achieving desired outcomes. Sathi helps organizations in monitoring: 1) Daily compliances by team members 2) Daily process audits 3) Daily work management Every daily task in each functional area irrespective of the authority doing it has a schedule to complete. In the absence of a system there is no check on the time when the activity is actually complete. Team members tend to fill in the data whenever they can to spare time for this. In case of process audits, advanced analytics will provide insights on process behaviors, and process management can be more proactive. The following are handled by this cloud-based software: 1) Daily Compliances 2) Daily Work Management 3) Daily Process Audits 4) Team Leader Access 5) Defaults analysis 6) Trend Analysis 7)Advanced Analytics 8) Data Capture for Process Audits 9) Mobile app for data entry Scroll down to learn more...

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What To Expect

  • Daily Compliance

Check sheets for employees for adhering to guidelines which can be specific to a concern, a company specific guidelines or employee specific guidelines.

  • Daily Work Management

Tracking the completion of daily tasks assigned to team members which needs to be done at specific time. Almost everyone in any organization have daily tasks to do relating to their functions. 

  • Daily Process Audits

Critical processes need to be monitored on zero tolerance basis. Such process daily audits can be conducted with time stamp of activity done using this software.

  • Defaults analysis

Delays and Defaults on daily tasks, compliance and process checks are monitored using this software. A corrective action may help in situation sliding out of control. 

  • Monitor time stamps

Some critical tasks need to be done at specific time, non-adherence to required time may lead to problems. Team leaders can monitor time stamps and create statistics on adherence.

  • Advanced Analytics

For process audits, you can derive statistical analysis about process condition deviations which may need corrective measure in all proactive approach.

  • Team Leader Access

Monitor daily tasks completion by teams with adherence to completion and time of completion. Highlight defaults and alerts for timely corrective measures. 

  • Mobile app for data entry

Some processes and tasks are completed on field where users may not have access to computer. Sathi -mobile app provides a data entry facilities on any android supported mobile device.

  • Data Capture for Process Audits

Some process audits can be fully automatic and conducted at will and wish rather than at fixed schedule. Data is captured through IoT devices.

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