These templates are a Microsoft Excel document that can be modified to best suit the need of any organization. The kit includes the following sections: responsibility log, skills matrix templates, implementation plan, leader process walk worksheet, monitoring plan map, monitoring response plan and many more. Scroll down for more details...

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These templates are a Microsoft Excel document that can be modified to best suit the need of any organization. 

This toolkit contains sections including the following sections:

  • Responsibility Log Templates

The Responsibility Log template is used for tracking duties and responsibilities of workers or team members by team leaders, supervisors and managers which could be used for project management. It is also used as a delegation log where responsibilities are delegated to specific team members. It comes with a dashboard that displays responsibility information at a glance.

This template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be modified to match specific needs. It can easily be modified to include more columns to the log in order to include more information such as the position, role and the activities that will be carried out by each individual.

Being a live document, it should be continually updated as changes occur or more information is gained.

  • Skills Matrix Templates

The Skills Matrix enables an organization to evaluate the available skills of its staff. It improves the understanding of the skills that the team is missing which are required for the job or project at hand. It could be filled by listing the team members in the left hand column and the relevant skills that are required or desired in the top row. Then, the matrix with the skill ratings of each team member is next filled. Finally, determine the training needs of the staff of the organization by looking at the bottom of the table as would be indicated there.

These templates are Microsoft Excel document that can be modified to best suit the need of any organization. Any suitable scoring method can be used.

  • Staff Performance Appraisal Templates

This employee evaluation form is designed to provide a comprehensive annual by tracking progress and providing a reference point for future evaluations.

The templates include sections for measurable objectives that can be weighted and evaluated with follow-up notes. Other sections include assessing employee skills, self-evaluation for employees, and rate individuals for multiple competencies. These templates encourage clear communication between employee and manager, and provide plenty of room for detailed feedback.

Other sections include:

  • Implementation Plan
  • Leader Process Walk Worksheet
  • Monitoring Plan Map
  • Monitoring Response Plan
  • New Procedure Audit
  • Process Walk Interview Sheet
  • RACI Matrix
  • Team Alignment Diagnostic
  • Supervision checklist
  • Job description checklist
  • Personnel Training Record
  • Training Plan
  • Attendance Record

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