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The progress, the future of any organization is wholly dependent on the people building, managing and maintaining the processes and structures of the organization. Well informed and trained team members equal productive organizational turnout, and vice-versa. This cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore very imperative that team leaders and members take advantage of any learning opportunity to better enhance their individual performances, which in turn, affects positively the overall turn over rate of the organization.

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The following ten (10) practicable statements of value can influence the performance of any team, if applied.

1. The key to achieving more lies in the understanding of the different talents in a team, and skillfully channeling the talents towards achieving the overall goal of the team.

Talents are wasted when they are misdirected. A proper use of talents is as good as discovering a talent.

2. The extent to which we go in life is strongly dependent on the quality of our imagination and the extent of our desire for learning.

Every team should be positioned in a way that encourages and rewards high quality imagination. Likewise, continuous learning is paramount to every successful endeavor, including the effectiveness of a team.

3. I have come to see that men of value treat people with value.

Kind treatment of team players fosters unity and improves productivity among them.

4. Sometimes, what people need from people isn’t how much they can get from them but the feelings that they are valued by them.

When team members realize that they are valued, they perform at the best of their ability.

5. Look on the inside of you, thoroughly assess yourself, make use of what you have to the best of your ability, to influence for good what the team needs to be.

Every team member is an asset to the team. They must endeavor to be one, using their innate talents to drive their team forward.

6. Honesty and trust are the fundamental facets of integrity.

No one wants to work with people that they cannot trust. People will not go with you unless they can get along with you. Team members and leaders must prove to be trustworthy. The key is aligning our actions with our words!

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7. Good listeners listen to understand; poor listeners listen to reply.

To effectively pass your idea across, you need to master the art of active listening. This goes beyond merely paying attention to a conversation; it involves real involvement in the discussion. When you actively listen, you learn more! When in a debate, listen to understand so as to be able to respond appropriately.

8. Don’t be intimidated by people’s achievement, instead, be inspired by them.

In a team, people are not always on the same level of life achievement. Envy shouldn’t come in the way of team play; it destroys unity and hinders progress. Envy is a toxic quality.

9. A man who opens his heart for learning opens his wings for flight.

Everyone we meet has something to teach us. This includes our teammates. Once a man is done learning, he is done growing. When we really open our heart to learn from them, our horizon expands!

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10. Humility is a sign of strength, not weakness.

When interpersonal strain arises in a team, a quality that can help solve the problem is humility. Apologizing when clearly on the wrong in no way makes one an inferior person. It only proves a high level of maturity. It is strength! It’s a product of humility.

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