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By: Adebayo B. Olanrewaju 

Improving your quality assurance/control skills is essential for developing your skill set for quality testing, production and other business phases or processes. Commitment with respect to time is required develop and improve on your skills in quality management. The following tips can assist you improve your skill sets in quality management:

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1. Be assertive about your work. This requires taking ownership of your work. This helps you feel more responsible for the work that you do, thus fostering commitment and desire to do it better with high quality as a goal.

2. Be focused. When your mind is focused on your work, you are more likely to meet the required quality standards and specification, and as such, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction becomes easier.

3. Schedule time for checks. Proper checks and testing can become neglected when time is limited. Scheduling time for this very important process in quality management will help you meet deadlines without sacrificing quality standards and specifications.

4. Track areas of concern. Tracking defects and customer complaints can keep you accountable for the work you do. This practice is likely to make you more conscious of problems and work harder to eradicate them. It also allows you to notice trends that can help you re-evaluate and improve your methods.

5. Acquire additional knowledge and skills. Read books and articles that will help you develop and improve your skills in quality management. The lessons you learn can help you improve the quality of your work and identify areas where your colleagues or company can improve. The following are some books you can read to kick-start your career and/or improve your skills in quality management:

a. Process Improvement & Quality Management Toolbox

This book helps you to explore the rudiments of quality management tools, principles and techniques for effectively improving existing business & manufacturing processes and creating new, better and robust ones that are able to stand the test of time and difficult moments.


b. The Lean Management Handbook

This book is designed to help you understand, explore & acquire the skills required for eliminating process waste (either business process or manufacturing waste) and drive positive operational changes with the goal of achieving process excellence in your business and manufacturing processes.


c. Total Quality Management (TQM): Principles & Practice for Organizational Effectiveness

This book will assist you in understanding, exploring & acquiring time-tested set of tools, techniques and skills required in building quality as part of the culture of any organisation and implementing quality management with a view to driving your organisation into the future.


d. Building & Managing a High-Performing Team

This book will help you understand the keys to becoming an effective cross-functional team member and leader in ANY forward-oriented organisation.


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Adebayo is a thought leader in continuous process improvement and manufacturing excellence. He is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB) Professional and Management Systems Lead Auditor (ISO 9001, 45001, ISO 22000/FSSC 22000 etc.) with strong experience leading various continuous improvement initiative in top manufacturing organizations. 

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