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On 11th December, 2020 Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS), a major leader in quality management software for business excellence, signed a partnership agreement with Olanab Consults as an international reseller of its software products.

These products include the following:

About Olanab 

Olanab is a consulting firm operating in the professional servicing industry, dedicated to providing workable solutions in manufacturing, quality control/quality assurance, ISO management systems implementation and related activities across organizations. 

We support professionals throughout their career journey through our learning platform, digital resources and articles.

Our toolkits/templates and software solutions in quality & compliance management, training management, risk management, manufacturing excellence/process improvement, ISO management systems implementation etc. enables organizations improve their processes.

We are in the business of providing best-in-class ISO management systems implementation, quality management, process and product development consulting services. With our training & presentation materials, we assist professional trainers and consultants meet the need of their clients. 

Visit us today! www.olanabconsults.com 

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