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This article aims to present highly demanded digital tools that enables employees spend less time on the preparation and collection of work instructions, work orders, checklists and quality data forms, and planning for training activities. 

With the help of the solutions presented in this article, companies who face the additional demands of strict compliance to standards, short manufacturing lead times, and stiff cost competition are able to eliminate the problems and put a company on the path to success. 

This straightforward article introduces you to five (5) software that enable you implement effective quality assurance and process improvement initiative within your organization thereby helping to save valuable time, increase productivity and boosting employee morale. These tools include the following… 

8D Manager assists in handling any type of corrective action report. It enables you create your own labels for all the traceable fields. 8D Manager lets you present corrective action metrics to management. It assists in quickly create Pareto Charts by clicking the appropriate chart button. With the customized labels, you can easily enter data into 8D Manager. 8D Manager includes built-in working templates which include corrective action (CAPA), 4M, and 5Y. 

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Many companies use the wrong inspection sampling plan because managers, engineers, supervisors and inspectors have not been trained in statistical sampling. Because of this, they may create their own deficient sampling plan. Alternatively, they may use a known industry-standard plan without fully understanding that standard's purpose or methods. When this occurs, they put their business and their customers at risk. 

In addition, they waste valuable inspection time and inspection cost. Snap Sampling Plans! Software combines the entire key industry standard attribute sampling plans into one place. Because there are over 10,000 sampling possibilities, you need this software to eliminate the confusion. Snap Sampling Plans! guides you in selecting the correct sampling plan. 

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StreamLiner Software lets users conduct, organize, and monitor improvement activities within their company. It focuses on lean techniques, streamlining, auditing and multiple improvement activities that helps your company constantly improve. Your data is centralized and allows multiple employees to quickly access key important improvement activities. 

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There are many drawing software solutions that let you create SWOT templates. With all of these programs, you spend unnecessary time formatting the SWOT template to fit your data. This includes learning the program, understanding the formatting properties and then taking the time to create the SWOT. The biggest problem with creating professional looking SWOTs is the formatting time. SWOT manager does this for you. SWOT Manager enables you... 

  • Simply create SWOT reports with one click.
  • Keep, maintain and manage all of you SWOT reports in one central location.
  • Easily enter SWOT data.
  • Eliminate formatting issues.
  • Choose from four different professional SWOT reports.
  • Standardize your company’s SWOT format.
  • Quickly review old SWOT data and compare to new SWOT data.
  • Track your SWOT history.
  • Quickly copy old SWOT reports to new SWOT reports and then easily edit.

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TrainingKeeper V3 enables you organize training and activities track, find training records, enables you meet training requirements of ISO 9001, easily provides visibility for the instructor and student, create employee and instructor certifications, follow up up on expired training, create training and activity calendars etc. 

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