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  • Are you preparing for a management system (QMS, FSMS, FSSC, HACCP, EMS, EnMS, OH&SMS etc.) certification?
  • Are you under pressure of transiting to the latest standard of a management system in order to meet customers or regulatory requirements?
  • Do you need easy-to-use, readymade documents?
  • Why spend weeks or months constructing new documents from the scratch, when you can simply edit these documents and quickly produce documentations that are 100% acceptable to Certification Body Auditors.

If you are planning to implement the requirements of ISO management systems in your organization, but do not know how to go about it, then I encourage you read on, you are fully covered by these kits!

The kits were developed by ISO experts, certified internal & lead auditors with working knowledge and many years of experience in management systems implementation. The kits consist of 100% compliant, detailed and practical implementation documents including internal audit checklists, manuals, records, forms, implementation guide (ebooks) and many more. You only need to edit and customize them to match your company's terms and processes.

Using these kits saves you extensive time in the development of compliant QMS, FSMS, FSSC, HACCP, OH&SMS, EMS, EnMS & Integrated Management Systems (IMS) documentation! With these kits, you can easily save huge cost of contracting a consultant to develop these required documents for you!

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