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The need for team play in an organization cannot be overemphasized. Truly, more is accomplished with team play! The key to accomplishing more, lies in identifying and understanding the different talents in a team, and skillfully channeling those talents towards a targeted goal. The Individual team members also need to identify his place in his team to be able to effectively create a lasting impact.

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Here are some classes of talents that can be found in a team:

1. Diamond Innovators

These people are masters of possibility thinking. To them, nothing is impossible; every problem definitely has its solution. They are skillful in identifying needs and can imagine innovative solutions to problems. They are initiative takers.

2. Club Activators

These ones help bring good ideas to a visible reality. They make sound ideas seen by all in the team and become reality.

3. Spade Implementers

These are organizers. They coordinate what should be done and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

4. Heart Motivators

They persons understand the issues of the heart. They motivate others for excellence. They understand that an ingredient of a good work done, lies in the level of motivation and quality of the talents involved.

Now, the question is, have you discovered your place in your team? How effective are you in the use of your talents in your team?

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